Plant-Based Ingredients for Beverage Applications

Harnessing allergen-friendly, high-protein benefits. Overcoming formulation challenges.

Plant Powered Proteins • Sweeteners • Dairy Alternatives

Axiom Foods, known as the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer and distributor of patented, chemical-free, hexane-free and allergen-friendly Oryzatein® Brown Rice Protein since 2005, is now capable of meeting your beverage application needs with our versatile product lines. These not only include the Oryzatein® Rice Protein, but also VegOtein P Pea Protein, Incatein Sacha Inchi Protein and now Cannatein® Hemp Hearts Protein, plus whole grain dairy milk-substitutes for most any beverage requirement.

Axiom Foods Ingredients for Beverage Functionality

Axiom Foods’ plant-based proteins work best in Low Acid environments and with gums to aid in solubility. High Acid formulations work best when using low amounts of plant-based proteins as they have been shown to denature in high acid and heat environments.

Product Low Acid
pH 7.0
heated to >240°F
Refrigerated and Aseptic
High Acid
pH <3.5
heated to >180°F
Oryzatein (Rice) Very Good Good
Oryzatein Silk Very Good Good
Oryzatein Ultra Very Good Very Good
Oryzatein SG-BN Best Best
VegOtein P80 Best Good
VegOtein MA Best Best
Incatein (Sacha Inchi) TBD TBD
Oryz-O-Lait (Rice) Best Good
Aven-O-Lait (Oat) Best Best
Oryza (Rice) Best Best

Axiom Foods RiceMilk Beverage Examples Aseptic Processing Formulas

We understand the challenges our customers are facing and are here in L.A. since 2005 to help find solutions. What follows is an example, generic starting formula. From here, 5–10 grams per serving of our rice protein can be added to achieve a nice tasting, protein-rich, nutrient-dense milk alternative.

Axiom Foods RiceMilk Beverages
All Flavors
Equipment Cleaned/Sanitized Yes
pH 6.58
Brix Not Tested
Flavor Approved
Target Lethality (Fo) 5
Microthermics Check
Flowrate (Target 1.5 L/min) 1.5 L/min
Preheater Temp 200°F
Final Heater Temp 284°F
Hold Time at Target Temp 10 seconds
Temp at End of Hold Tube (EH1) 277–280.5°F
Cooler 1 (Target 140–160°F) 158°F
Homogenizer Pressure (psi)  2000+500
Cooler 2 93.2°F
Product Exit Temp 87.8°F
Number of Containers Produced 18/16 oz
Storage Location Refrigerator (40°F)


RiceMilk Beverage — Original
Water 90.129%
OryzOlait 9.000%
Canola Oil 0.500%
Vitamin Premix 0.240%
Carrageenan 0.015%
Salt 0.100%
Vanilla 3X 0.016%


RiceMilk Beverage — Chocolate
Water 84.925%
OryzOlait 9.000%
Sugar 4.000%
Canola Oil 0.500%
Natural Chocolate Flavor 0.200%
Cocoa Powder 0.850%
Vitamin Premix 0.240%
Vanilla 3X 0.090%
Carrageenan 0.015%
Salt 0.180%


Also Checkout an OatMilk Beverage Starter Formulation

OatMilk Beverage — Original
8 ounce serving
Water 240.00
AvenOlait® 20.00
Cane Sugar 4.00
Salt 0.10
Natural Vanilla Extract 0.04
Beverage Solutions Applications with Plant Proteins