I want to be involved with Axiom Foods because it’s on the cutting edge of launching WGBR (whole grain brown rice) ingredients into the mainstream, thanks to David Janow’s passion for the power of brown rice. Keep an eye on the ingredient labels for the WGBR revolution that has begun.

– M. Jones, Axiom Foods Client

The breadth and quality of rice products that Axiom offers leave me astounded. His (David Janow’s) products and understanding offer opportunities that we previously did not have access to.

– R&D Staff Member (the world’s leading producer of cereal)

Axiom is the answer to so many ingredient challenges plaguing our industry — from healthier yet better tasting to being more accessible to the growing number of people with allergies.  Their products have worked as hoped within the application we sought their help with.

– Axiom Client (Fortune 500 retail beverage company)

If you want to know anything about rice based products, go to David Janow as your professional resource.  His longevity and knowledge base have helped make him become the expert sought for speaking engagements, as well as by the FDA and U.S. Senate.

– Senior R&D Food Scientist (the premier wellness company)

Axiom has managed to overcome any and all negatives that used to plague the potentials for brown rice ingredients.  Thanks to Axiom’s high quality material and chemical-free processes, they taste real smooth and have a pure appearance.

– D. Thorpe, Premium Ingredients

It’s apples vs. oranges. We’ve shopped Pakistan, Indian and Belgian rice products and by far the platinum option is Axiom Foods.  Personally, we’d like to keep Axiom’s ingredients to ourselves.

– D. Jones, Axiom Foods Client

I never thought Brown Rice protein to be as good as whey or soy but Axiom’s product is superior in multiple ways.

– Axiom Client

I’ve tried all the rice proteins on the market and Axiom’s Oryzatein brown rice protein is by far the best one between flavor, texture, and consistency.

– S. Wirawan, Formulator

Thanks to a level of customer service that is unmatched, we have had an extremely smooth 3 years with Axiom Foods.

– Axiom Client

As someone in R&D, Axiom’s WGBR products are ripe with possibilities, especially since consumers are moving toward a healthy, natural alternative.

– M. Gulan, Formulator

I’ve been using Axiom’s other products but I’ll be happy to use Oryzatein for my next project when protein is required, given their high quality material and great customer service.  Even better, there is no other source that can deliver their 90% protein concentration.

– D. Nicks, Axiom Client