Axiom Foods is the world’s first, largest and most innovative source for allergen-friendly, WGBR (whole grain brown rice) products. Working closely with the food, beverage, nutraceutical and specialty foods industries, David Janow (CEO & Founder), has lead the industry for over ten years. At Axiom Foods, we’re dedicated to outstanding technology and quality control, leading to WGBR protein concentrates and isolates, sugars, sugar solids, milks, flours and starches.

All Axiom products are derived in an all natural, patent pending process, from WGBR –the more perfect protein-rich food. The results are dietary inclusive ingredients that help you manufacture and consume “Better for You” products for all your customers. Axiom meets international standards, whether you want gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, kosher, non-GMO or free-from foods.

Since 2005 Axiom Foods has been dedicated to maximizing the potential of WGBR as the ultimate food product ingredient. Starting with our flagship Oryzatein®, the first and only brown rice protein of its kind, we are continuing to expand the possibilities. Read on for specific information about where we’ve been, where we’re going and who we are.


Axiom Foods is dedicated to being the leading supplaboutusmissionier of hypoallergenic, whole grain brown rice ingredients and products, through outstanding research, technology, quality control, and sharing of knowledge.

We are dedicated to excellent customer service, including helping customers formulate finished products in partnership with our premiere formulators. The end goal is to make food and nutritional products more inclusive for consumers by introducing alternative, allergen-friendly and healthy ingredients to manufacturers throughout the world. We believe in maximizing results at all levels by investing the necessary time, effort, information, and resources.

Axiom accomplishes all of this while maintaining principles of perpetual loyalty to customers and other partners, resolute environmental respect, mutually beneficial teamwork, plus striving to be a responsible and ethical employer and neighbor.



David became a recognized expert in rice protein maboutushistoryanufacturing when he created the feed grade specification for rice protein in animal food in 2002. This specification has been used by major pet manufactures since then and has been recognized as the standard in the animal food industry. By creating the 65% protein specification for the animal food industry, David realized that the technology to achieve these levels was nearly impossible to follow by other manufacturers. While other feed grade rice protein manufacturers resorted to adding Melamine in 2005 to achieve a false positive protein measurement and falsely convince the animal feed arena to meet the Axiom specification, Axiom Foods remained dedicated to proprietary, chemical-free processes product development while maintaining protein levels consistently higher than any other competitor.

Realizing the huge potential for feed grade rice protein in animals, David embarked on a vision to make an industry-setting food grade standard that could help people. Celiac patients, plus heart healthy, lactose intolerant, toddlers, vegan, “raw”, gluten free, fat free, and hypo-allergenic customers alike, would be able to use this protein and gain the beneficial effects of an all natural, non-denatured, complete protein source; a protein source that helps in their quests to become healthier individuals. David started Axiom Foods with the vision of continuously creating standard-setting, allergen-friendly WGBR (whole grain brown rice) ingredients. In addition to protein, Axiom’s continuously expanding WGBR product lines include syrups, sweeteners, milks, bran, and starches.

Always dedicated to growth through service, technology and having our fingers on the pulse of the brown rice industry, Axiom’s latest forays are into:

Private Label rice protein drinks, bars and more, with the help of our formulators
Proprietary blends making it easier for larger food manufacturers to combine ingredients, starting with the Megatein™ line which incorporates rice protein with other proteins. The results feature a maximized amino acid profile and improved economics.
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