Dedicated to Plant Protein Research

Up until 2013, not much was known about the efficacy of plant protein concentrates.  Since then, Axiom Foods has been dedicated to helping build the body of research for plant proteins in order to provide consumers and manufacturers alike the highest-quality ingredients with scientifically substantiated claims.

Research Summary

Multiple published studies and one pending publication have all shown rice protein’s comparable effectiveness to whey protein for use in sport nutrition. The links below take you to each study which helps show that Axiom’s Oryzatein® rice protein significantly helps to build lean body mass, improve body composition and even aid in recovery, compared to a leading whey protein. Now vegan, allergen-friendly, high-protein products can sit side-by-side with animal-based whey products — making similar, substantiated claims.

Uniquely Patented Rice Protein

As a result of the remarkable findings from the first (2013) rice vs whey study, Oryzatein® rice protein has been uniquely patented for use in sport nutrition. Axiom’s rice protein is the only one that can make the claims related to building strength and muscle mass, plus recovery.

Nutrition Research Award

Clinical researchers at Increnovo won the 2020 Nutra Ingredients Nutrition Research Award for the collective body of research on plant proteins. Check out this video clip with some of the highlights from the researchers themselves — and the changing mindset of formerly whey-fueled body builders.


Protein and Other Research