New Study Shows Even Low (24g) Daily Dose of Rice Protein is as Good as Whey for Muscle Building and Improving Athletic Performance

Full Manuscript Published December 2020 – Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition


In previous studies, large daily doses (48g or 75g) of rice protein have been shown to support muscle maintenance and/or muscle building in resistance trained males to a similar degree as whey protein. However, skeptics questioned whether such results were only due to using large doses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of smaller 24g daily doses of rice protein or whey protein following 8 weeks of resistance training.


Twenty-four healthy, resistance trained males were recruited for the study. Subjects were randomly and equally divided into 2 groups, to consume either 24g of rice protein or whey protein on a daily basis while completing an 8 week standardized weight training program. Subjects trained 4 days per week. On workout days, participants were instructed to consume one dose of protein within an hour of workout completion. On non-workout days, one dose of protein was ingested within an hour of going to bed. Changes in anthropometrics, body composition as well as performance were measured and assessed from baseline to 8 weeks. 

Image Adapted from Full Publication


Both rice and whey groups experienced significant improvements in body mass, total body water, lean mass, fat-free mass, bench press 1RM (repetition maximum), and leg press 1RM over time. However, there were no significant differences found between the rice or whey groups for any of the variables measured.


Oryzatein® rice protein may be substituted one-to-one for whey protein in products of varying dose sizes, intended to build or maintain muscle mass. Plant proteins like rice protein can be just as effective as whey for sport nutrition use.


Daily supplementation with 24g rice protein was equally as effective as whey protein at stimulating training adaptations in healthy males consuming an omnivorous diet. Despite being an incomplete protein and even when consumed at a lower or “standard” 24g dose, rice protein is able to significantly increase muscle mass and athletic performance.


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