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Product Description

VegOstar™ (VEJ-oh-stahr) native pea starch is derived from non-GMO Canadian and U.S.-grown yellow peas, one of the most eco-friendly crops as they recycle atmospheric nitrogen and reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers. VegOstar offers a unique, allergen-friendly, cost-effective and clean label alternative to other native starches or most chemically-modified starches. A functional powerhouse that is virtually flavor-neutral and color-neutral, VegOstar is ideal for improving texture and tenderness in a variety of foods without compromising the organoleptic profile.

Made by a chemical-free mechanical process which separates the starch from the protein in yellow peas, VegOstar features approximately 84% starch purity, is higher in amylose than other native starches such as wheat and corn, and can replace some modified starches. At approximately 35% amylose content, native pea starch can form a gel in water at lower levels than other starches making it a superior choice for food products that require a slight elastic texture, including Asian style noodles or gummy confections. VegOstar shows excellent stability in high temperature cooking and under various pH levels.

Functionally, at 65% amylopectin content, this native pea starch can also serve as a thickening agent and can benefit the mouthfeel of beverages as well as the viscosity of sauces, gravies, pastes, doughs and batters. In addition, it works well with crispiness, and its water-holding capacity contributes to enhanced food stability and extended shelf life especially in aseptic processing. Starting with this initial VegOstar SKU, work is being done on creating additional pea starch SKUs and tailoring them for specific applications—mostly for flavor modifiers.

Nutritionally, the amylose content also makes VegOstar a good source of resistant starch. This can provide the benefits for blood sugar control, calorie control and digestive health, since resistant starches are a type of dietary fiber which go mostly undigested in the small intestine. 

Advantages of VegOstar™

• Allergen-friendly, non-GMO, clean label alternative to corn and
other starches
• Highly functional starch that blends well with other starches
to meet specific formulation goals
• Economically efficient alternative to tapioca starch
• Commercial quantities
• Excellent gelation with 35% amylose content
• North American grown peas
• Neutral taste and color


• Bakery products
• Baked snacks and cereals
• Breakfast and nutrition bars
• Dairy products (e.g. mousses, custards, cheeses)
• Fried coatings
• Gels (e.g. puddings and syrups)
• Infant/baby foods
• Meat and fish products
• Pasta and Asian-style noodles
• Powder mixes (for weight and blood sugar control)
• Soups and sauces


Pea Starch
• Kosher (Star K)

Quality certifications and analysis, and spec sheets are available upon request at: info@axiomfoods.com

Functional Properties

• Gelling temperature 70-74° C
(158 °F-165 °F)
• Viscosity above 1500 mpas (centipoise)
• Adhesive strength 90-110
• Whiteness above 93