Product Description

Available in multiple versions, our signature VegOtein P™ (VEJ-oh-teen) is produced from U.S. and Canadian yellow non-GMO peas, using a natural chemical-free, water separation process. Different pea protein SKUs designed for different claims and budgets include 80% vs 85% protein levels. VegOtein P™ is available in one of the largest commercial supplies and delivers the most consistently enhanced sensory experience on the market.

As an excellent plant protein source, VegOtein P™ is rich both in iron and essential amino acids and especially high in Lysine and Arginine. It is being used as a replacement for and/or in conjunction with soy protein and whey protein in food grade products. It is also often blended with rice protein to complete the amino acid profile, as legumes and grains have complimentary amino acid levels.

In addition, it has a high level of functionality and can be utilized in a variety of foods and beverages where there is a need for protein enrichment.

Also, inquire about our low sodium 80% conventional, our new meat analogue/extender, and our newest innovation — VegOtein N™ for the formulations requiring the most neutral flavor on the market.

Advantages of VegOtein P

• Excellent egg replacer
• Vegan/vegetarian
• Excellent source of iron
• Non-GMO
• Guaranteed gluten-free and soy-free
• Great tasting with easily masked flavor
• Suspendible
• Aids satiety as a dietary protein source
• Allergen-friendly
• Naturally cholesterol-free
• Environmentally friendly protein
• Intermediate absorption
• No contamination with growth hormones (rbst/bGH), anabolic steroids
or antibiotics


• Baked products—muffins, cookies, crackers
• Catering and deli products—pâté, delicatessen meat, minced meat and reconstituted products
• Dairy products—soft white cheese and milk protein substitutes, yogurt,
ice cream
• Encapsulation—flavors, essential oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.
• Infant/toddler nutrition—milk powders/infant formulas
• Snacks and cereals—crunchy and high protein products
• Sports nutrition formulations—protein mix and bars, high protein pasta
• Weight management and high protein formulations—nutrition bars, pasta, biscuits, mixes, meal replacers

Functional Properties

• Hydration
• Emulsification
• Foaming
• Ease of dry flow
• Off-flavor masking
• Texture and smoothness
• Oil-retainance and gelation

VegOtein P80

Request the Complete PDCAAS Statement for digestibility and blending guidelines.
(1) Based on 2013 FAO amino acid scoring pattern for older child, adolescent, adult (greater than 3 years).
(2) Based on 1985 FAO/WHO/UNU amino acid scoring pattern for children age 2-5 years. Compliant with FDA.


Pea Protein
• Kosher (Star K)
• Halal
• EU Compliant

Quality certifications and analysis, and spec sheets are available upon request at: