Product Description

Due to the increasing demand for multiple-benefit, clean label vegan protein sources, Cannatein® (CAN-uh-teen) hemp heart protein has been added to Axiom’s line of  powerful plant protein ingredients which are ideal for food, beverage and neutraceutical products.  Exclusive to Axiom Foods, Cannatein® provides the best tasting, lightest color, highly concentrated hemp protein free flowing powder, fractioned from just the hemp hearts.

Ideal for multiple applications and consumer demographics, seed-based Cannatein® hemp hearts protein is fractioned from a cannabis species testing under 20ppm THC. It is a suspendible and highly digestible protein superfood also rich in Fiber, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, B Vitamins (Thiamin, Niacin, Folate, B6),  Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Copper. Being so nutrient-dense, this one simple ingredient builds out an ideal nutrition label while keeping the ingredient list short. Comprised of approximately half protein and half carbohydrates/healthy fats, the combination of protein and fiber in one ingredient is particularly beneficial in products aiding satiety.

Cannatein® is being used as both an allergen-friendly replacement for soy protein and whey protein, plus a blend with other plant proteins such as pea and rice, featuring a complimentary amino acid profile. It contains all 20 amino acids and is particularly high in Cystine and Methionine which serve as antioxidants supporting the immune system, and Arginine for sports nutrition. It is a good source of BCAAs and key fatty acids such as ALA.

It is currently offered in a concentrated protein with a minimum level of 58%. Same as all other Axiom Foods plant proteins, Cannatein is produced by means of a natural, hexane-free process in a BRC-certified facility under GFSI standards.

Advantages of Cannatein®

• The best tasting, virtually neutral flavor, color, and texture
• Large commercial supply
• Non-GMO
• One ingredient naturally contributing multiple nutrients
• Completely safe with absolutely NO psychoactive effect, ever
• Vegan/Vegetarian
• Suspendible & highly dispersible
• Environmentally friendly
• Easily digested
• No contamination with growth hormones (rbst/bGH), anabolic steroids or antibiotics
• Naturally cholesterol-free
• Free of phytoestrogens
• Works well in sports nutrition and weight management products
• Structure Function Claims (dependent upon dose) including:
• Dietary protein which can help aid in satiety
• High in Fiber which can help lower cholesterol and aid both in digestion and satiety
• High in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega 3 & 6. Omega 3 is less commonly
found in the daily diet yet can help work as an anti-inflammatory
• High in amino acids benefiting sports nutrition and acting as an antioxidant


• Beverages – smoothies, RTDs, protein powder blends
• Bars
• Dairy Alternatives – yogurts
• Snacks and Cereals – crunchy and high protein products
• Baked Products – muffins, cookies, crackers
• Encapsulation – flavors, essential oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, etc.

Functional Properties

 Viscosity – Moderate
• Gelation – Low
• Solubility – Moderate
• Dispersibility – Very Good
• Foaming/Whipability – Moderate


Request the Complete PDCAAS Statement for digestibility and blending guidelines.
(1) Based on 2013 FAO amino acid scoring pattern for older child, adolescent, adult (greater than 3 years).
(2) Based on 1985 FAO/WHO/UNU amino acid scoring pattern for children age 2-5 years. Compliant with FDA.


Hemp Seed Protein or Hemp Protein
• GFSI Certified BRC
• Non-GMO project verified
• Kosher (Star K)
• Halal
• EU Compliant
• Ask about other certification options

Quality certifications and analysis, and spec sheets are available upon request at: