WholeFoods Magazine – Powering Up the Protein Market

Powering up the Protein Market From plant-based innovation to protein-packed bugs, here’s what’s hot and on the horizon in the protein category. By: Rachel Appleton | August 22, 2019 Move over meat…more Americans are branching out and opting for “flexitarian” lifestyles, eating both traditional meat and plant-based alternatives—and, according to a report [...]

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The Truth about Glyphosate and Pea Protein

The Truth about Glyphosate and Pea Protein Glyphosate is the main active ingredient in a popular herbicide or weed killer called Roundup. It is also the latest boogie man to haunt pea protein powders thanks to concerned mother and “food activist,” Mamavation.  In May 2019, she partnered with The Detox [...]

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Are New Meatless Burgers Really Healthy or Not?

  Given the rising interest in plant-based, meatless burgers such as the Impossible- and Beyond Burger, there’s been a lot of discussion on the internet surrounding the health status of the newly popular veggies patties.  Are plant-based burgers really better for you than regular hamburgers, or is their reputation purely [...]

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GRAS: What it is and How it Benefits Manufacturers and Consumers

Manufacturers have a ton of choices to make when it comes to picking the high-quality ingredients for their food formulations. With increasingly educated consumers, manufacturers are in turn increasingly tasked with scrutinizing each potential ingredient looking at everything from its source, to its efficacy, to what processing aids are used [...]

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Two More Axiom Ingredients Granted Non-GMO Project Verification

Two More Axiom Ingredients Granted Non-GMO Project Verification Axiom's AvenOlait (oat dairy alternative) and VegOtein N (neutral pea protein concentrate) are the latest of over 20 ingredients that have been granted Non-GMO Project Verification by the by the NGP organization. This means the ingredients have been evaluated by a third-party [...]