(Los Angeles, CA March 5, 2014) – Today, Axiom Foods’ Oryzatein® 90% whole grain brown rice protein isolate ingredient, featured in Growing Natural’s Rice Protein Powder, was named a finalist in the 2014 NutrAwards during Nutracon at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. The award program, created fifteen years ago, rewards and recognizes companies that are investing in rigorous and measurable scientific studies to show the efficacy of their proprietary ingredients, products or technologies. Finalists and winners are based on a weighted vote of industry experts, scientists and nutritionists, as well as by cumulative votes of registered Engredea and Nutracon attendees.

“We chose to use Axiom Foods’ Oryzatein® ingredient,” said CEO of Growing Naturals, David Janow, “because it is the only 90% brown rice protein isolate that is made with a proprietary enzyme fractioning method and was shown in a clinical trial for the first time to equal animal-based whey protein in building and maintaining muscle.”

Axiom Foods is the largest global innovator, manufacturer and distributor of plant protein ingredients, which are used in food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic products from nutrition bars to pasta and non-dairy yogurts to facial cleansers. The world leader in fractioning allergen-friendly rice, pea, oat, sacha inchi amongst other plants, Axiom works in tandem with government certifying bodies throughout the world and other manufacturers to set ethical standards and educate about the power of plant protein in the worldwide food supply. Axiom’s signature Oryzatein® is the only patented, GRAS-approved whole grain brown rice protein of its kind and other Axiom products include sweeteners, dairy-free milk substitutes, flavor enhancers, extrusions, and meat analogue.

Nutracon is the premier education and networking conference for the health and nutrition industry and provides relevant insights for innovation based on science and technology, case studies and market. The trade show for the global supply market, Engredea showcases new ingredients, technologies, applications and services for healthy foods-and-beverages, dietary supplement/bioactive and nutricosmetic markets. Engredea is co-located with Natural Products Expo West and the Nutracon Conference.


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