(Los Angeles, CA September 26, 20014) – For the first time in history, a whole grain brown rice protein called Oryzatein®, made by Los Angeles-based Axiom Foods®, has won a patent. As gluten allergies reach a global high caused by the biggest crop grown in the world (wheat) and GMO infestation puts a dent in the usage of the world’s second crop, corn, food companies are scrambling to utilize the world’s third largest crop: rice. Rice, which may be poised to become the “new wheat,” has shown to be one of a few plants capable of producing a 90% protein isolate product and it was clinically shown to be as good as whey protein, shattering the fitness industry’s long held belief that animal-based whey protein was the best way to build muscle. Oryzatein also just became the first rice protein to gain GRAS approval, which allows the world’s largest food companies’ pending purchase orders for Oryzatein to move forward with Axiom to utilize what may be the new gold standard of protein supplementation.

In the 29-page United States Patent Application Publication for Oryzatein, co-inventors, David Janow and Dr. Ralf Jaeger, FISSN, CISSN, MBA, have cited unique aspects of how this plant protein affects:

• The building and maintenance of muscle in comparison to animal-based whey protein;
• Its superior attributes of the amino acid leucine;
• Increased satiety;
• Ability to affect skeletal muscle hypertrophy in a geriatric population and
• Slower absorption than whey to aid in athletic endurance.

“Oryzatein is the first rice protein that is free of the chemicals hexane and melamine, and is GMO-free,” said co-inventor and CEO of Axiom Foods, David Janow.

“Oryzatein is also soon to become the USP monographed standard,” said co-inventor, Dr. Ralf Jaeger.

Axiom Foods is the largest global innovator, manufacturer and distributor of plant protein ingredients, which are used in food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic products from nutrition bars to pasta and non-dairy yogurts to facial cleansers. The world leader in fractioning allergen friendly rice, pea, oat, sacha inchi amongst other plants, Axiom works in tandem with government certifying bodies throughout the world and other manufacturers to set ethical standards and educate about the power of plant protein in the worldwide food supply. Axiom’s signature Oryzatein® is the only patented, GRAS-approved whole grain brown rice protein of its kind and other Axiom products include sweeteners, dairy-free milk substitutes, flavor enhancers, extrusions, and meat analogue.

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