(Los Angeles, CA February 2015) – On the heels of a study showing for the first time that a plant protein equals animal-based whey in building and maintaining muscle (using Axiom Foods’ Oryzatein® brown rice protein), acquiring GRAS status and a patent is pending, the company was awarded The New Economy’s 2014 Clean Tech Award. On its 10th anniversary, Axiom caught the attention of global influencers at The New Economy with a win in the “Best Food and Beverage Solutions” category. Axiom was recognized as an industry-leader impacting the global economy for the better with big, innovative and sustainable ideas. AxiomFoods was judged on R&D, strategy, leadership, diversity, plus sustainability, and chosen for their efforts of fractioning protein from plants such as rice, pea, sacha inchi, hemp and numerous others in development.

“At a time when gluten allergies are at an all time high, the production of the world’s #1 crop of wheat is waning and the second largest global crop, corn, is infested with GMOs,” said David Janow, CEO of AxiomFoods. “We feel good that allergen-friendly rice protein is filling a void for such a huge problem in the world. When we developed our plant protein extraction process in 2005, we never realized how much gluten and other food allergies were going to be a player in our business, or that the incredible science of genetics could affect the food supply as it has, but here we are.”

The New Economy magazine was created in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, covering global news related to clean tech, energy, and environment related companies, solutions, and investors.

Axiom Foods, is the global innovator, manufacturer and distributor of allergen-friendly plant protein ingredients, plus sweeteners, dairy-alternatives and flavor enhancers, which are used in food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic products from bars to pasta, and non-dairy yogurts to facial cleansers. Fractioning allergen-friendly ingredients from rice, pea, oats, and sacha inchi amongst other nutrition-packed plants, Axiom works in tandem with government bodies and other manufacturers to set ethical standards and educate consumers about the power of plant protein in the food supply. Recently featured on CNBC, Axiom’s signature Oryzatein® is the only patent-pending whole grain brown rice protein with clinically-backed claims.

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