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Rice Protein Shows Identical Benefits to Whey Protein: Natural Product Insider pro.aspx Rice Protein Shows Identical Benefits to Whey Protein Posted in News, Industry News, Protein, Women's Health, Men's Health, Lab Insights, Whey, Muscle Development, Weight Management Print CULVER CITY, Calif.—Rice protein was discovered to have [...]

WholeFoods Magazine – Flex Your Muscles

Flex Your Muscles Learn all about nutrition for building muscles, reducing burn and preventing soreness. Part Two of a Five-Part Series on Sports Nutrition Imagine if you collected all the protein powder containers you’ve sold [...]

Los Angeles Business Journal – Rice Is Nice

  Los Angeles Business Journal Monday, March 11, 2013  (173,820 daily online readers, 24,434 weekly readers of printed version) Rice Is Nice By Deborah Crowe  Whey has long reigned supreme among body builders and other [...]

Exercise for Men Only – Rice – Yes! Whey – No!

Rice protein, no way whey, we want plants!  by alyson dutch, August 2, 2013 Allergen-friendly plant-based protein If you’re over ingesting animal products and serious about maximizing muscle tone, there’s good news in a recent [...]

Functional Ingredients – Clean Labels

The term “clean label” has been percolating under the surface for the last few years. Among U.S. consumers, the appeal has suddenly burst in the open for ingredient decks that are cleansed of artificial, chemical-sounding [...]

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