From simple to advanced, all from a single whole grain of rice.

The Technology Difference

The difference is in our products. Through continuous R&D, state-of-the-art quality control and patent pending, all-natural, chemical-free technology, Axiom has uniquely overcome each and every one of these challenges that have been associated with other whole grain rice products.
•    Protein either:
–    Not high enough percentages
–    Derived using chemicals
–    Denaturized
•    Incomplete amino acid profile
•    Bitter or poor taste qualities
•    Non-soluble or grittiness
•    Melamine and Cyanuric Acid presence
•    Lack of capacity
•    Quality issues

The results are distinctive products of the finest quality, including our corner stone Oryzatein™ WGBR (whole grain brown rice) protein concentrates and isolates.  Protected by proprietary and patent-pending technology, Axiom Foods, Inc. produces the only highly concentrated, WGBR in the world.

Axiom’s technology tied to low heat processing has made it so we do not need nor use artificial elements to enhance productivity, thus we can maintain the nutritional qualities of all our brown rice products.

Remember to look for the following must-haves:
•    Products derived from WGBR.
•    Axiom’s authentic brands that standards are set by.
•    Proteins with balanced amino acid profiles.
•    Proteins with complete amino acid profiles made from the bran, endosperm and germ layers.