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“Oryzatein® Inside” Rice Protein Standard to be Distributed to Food Manufacturers Fall, 2013
Growing Naturals Rice Protein First to Emblazon Seal on Packaging

(Culver City, CA August 27, 2013) – After Oryzatein® was recognized as the first plant-based rice protein to equal animal-based whey protein for muscle building and repair in a clinical trial published last month, an “Oryzatein® Inside” endicia is being provided to manufacturers who use the ingredient in their food products. Growing Naturals Rice Protein is the first amongst them to showcase the “Oryzatein® Inside” insignia on its packaging, which will hit retail shelves by Q4.

Similar to a “Good Housekeeping Seal” or “Intel Inside,” the “Oryzatein® Inside” seal provides manufacturers with a way to show consumers they feature a clinically confirmed ingredient in their product. The “Oryzatein® Inside” seal provides manufacturers with added credibility and a way to differentiate their product on a retail shelf.

Oryzatein® is a 100% naturally enzyme-fractioned rice protein sourced from the most pristine rice fields in the world, sanctioned by the World Rice Alliance and is also in the process of becoming the industry monograph standard, to be announced later this year.

The creator of Oryzatein® and CEO of Axiom Foods, David Janow, has been called upon by the FDA and USDA for information on how rice is grown, sourced and fractioned. He comments, “since the rise of

gluten allergies and GMO-infestation have made wheat and corn fall out of favor, rice is poised to become the world’s most important food staple. We’ve been in discussions with the nation’s largest cereal companies, such as Kellogg’s and General Mills.”

“Body builders to yoginis are begging for plant-based proteins,” says celebrity trainer, Gina Lombardi, host of Discovery Channel’s “Fit Nation” and author of Deadline Fitness. “My celebrity clients ask for it – even if they’re not vegetarians, including Kristen Bell and Sally Pressman of Lifetime-TV’s Army Wives.”

Axiom Foods is the world’s first, largest and most innovative source for allergen-friendly, whole grain brown rice ingredients and known for their natural and proprietary methodologies for extracting fractions of other plant proteins such as quinoa, amaranth, pea, flax, sacha inchi, hemp and cranberry. Since 2005, the California-based company has maximized the potential of whole grain brown rice in all its forms. Their signature Oryzatein® is the only brown rice protein of its kind. Axiom continues to widen the possibilities of the world’s third largest plant crop into healthful  products on which humans thrive.