Product Description

A sustainable crop grown on the vines of the Peruvian Amazon, the Sacha Inchi plant is harvested from star-shaped pods. Translating to “The People’s Seeds” in the Quechua language, Sacha Inchi has been used by indigenous tribes dating back to the Incas for its health giving properties. Recently, Sacha Inchi has gained significant popularity in the superfood market due to its uniquely nutrient-dense properties, which is why Axiom has now added Incatein™ to its line of chemical-free, nutrient-dense plant protein powders.

Axiom’s IncateinSacha Inchi protein is a light-colored, 60% protein powder that is highly digestible with an excellent amino acid profile. This novel, natural protein has a fresh green cut nut flavor, making it a great stand-alone protein powder for smoothies or the perfect ingredient for bars, desserts, or baking. It can be included wherever protein and Omega-3s are called for.

Sacha Inchi powder is composed of the de-fatted nut once it has been cold-pressed to produce Sacha Inchi oil. The dried powder amazingly contains one of the most nutritious proteins, which sets it apart.

In addition to protein for building healthy muscles and body tissue, Incatein™ also has Omega-3s for joint health, heart health, muscle recovery and inflammatory conditions; dietary fiber for digestive health; and essential minerals for electrolyte balance and proper cellular function. It contains the perfect balance of Omega-3 and 6, plus free radical scavenging antioxidants and has zero cholesterol.

Advantages of Sacha Inchi

• Vegan/Vegetarian
• Allergen-friendly
• Gluten-Free
• Rich source of Omega 3, 6 fatty acids
• Unique amino acid profile, high in Glycine and tryptophan
• Delicious mild nutty flavor
• Highly digestible
• Supports immune health
• May promote joint health and muscle recovery
• Boosts energy levels
• May improve cholesterol
• Promotes anti-inflammatory properties
• Contains natural antioxidants


• Food, beverage, nutraceutical, supplement and cosmetic industries
• Beverages—smoothie or drink mix
• Bars
• Baked goods—cookies, bread, desserts
• Cereals
• Personal care/Beauty—body creams due to its nutritional and anti-aging effects, shampoos providing a smooth and silky finish, and used as binding and lathering agent for soaps
• Used as a binding and lathering agent for soaps
• Excellent alternative to whey or soy protein


Sacha Inchi Protein Powder
• Kosher (Star K)
• Self-Affirmed GRAS
• Organic (USDA)
• Made in Peru

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