Let Them Drink Milk (but better)

Nutrient-Dense Alternatives to the Rescue

While only 6% of U.S. consumers are Vegan, more than 60% of households purchase Vegan products free of dairy on a semi-regular basis. The trend is fueled by both the Flexitarian trend to increase plant-based product purchases, and the 30 to 50 million U.S. consumers who either have a dairy allergy or intolerance.

Either reformulating or creating adjacent products that fit most any dietary trend can be made more simple thanks to two functional, nutrient dense dairy alternative ingredients. Axiom Foods’ OryzOlait™ rice and AvenOlait® oat dairy alternatives, are two novel ingredients that are the starting point for food developers creating healthy, allergen-friendly and good-tasting dairy alternatives from shelf-stable, to the refrigerated and frozen cases. Offering gluten-free options, OryzOlait and AvenOlait are certified to be labeled as “Whole Grains” and “Made in the USA.”

To compete with dairy, our plant proteins can either be added for a claim or can be the basis for a dairy alternative drink. Check out the VegOtein™ pea protein “milk” formulation example inside, among others.

Typical Starting Formula Examples

RiceMilk Aseptic Beverage Type
Water 88.579
OryzOlait 6.500
Oryza™ Rice Sugar 4.000
Canola Oil 0.500
Natural Sucrose Enhancer 0.050
Vitamin Premix 0.240
Salt 0.100
Vanilla 3X 0.016
Carrageenan 0.015
Homogenize 500/2500
Aseptic processing conditions


RiceMilk Non-Dairy Frozen
Water 35.67
OryzOlait™ Solution 33 brix 30.00
Tapioca Syrup DE 27 14.50
Cane Sugar 10.50
Palm Fruit Stearin MP 52C 9.00
Tic Gum 710H 0.20
Natural Vanilla Flavor 0.10
Salt 0.03
Mix all ingredients and heat to 140°F to melt fat. Use lightening mixer to blend gum, then homogenize and freeze.
Fat: 9%
Solids 32%

“Milk” Starter Ideas from 3 Plants!

As plant-based dairy alternatives have passed the tipping point of no longer being “alternative” but rather the widely expected norm found in multiple grocery aisles — Axiom Foods is partnering with brands defining the next generation of alternative trends. Not settling for the typical nutrient-deficient dairy-alternative ingredients, our brown rice and oat alternatives are certified whole grain and nutrient-dense. In addition, our pea protein can be used in plant-based milk formulations competing with protein-rich dairy products. Our food scientists have shared a few starter solutions for a jumping off point, whether the end goal is a refrigerated, extended shelf-life or aseptic finished product. So where next shall we jump together?

PeaMilk Beverage – Original
Approx 8 grams protein/ 8 oz serving
Water 100.000%
VegOtein 4.000%
Sugar 2.400%
Salt 0.008%
Vanifolia Extract  0.012%
Calcium Phosphate 0.100%
Guar Gum 0.140%
Pea Starch 0.100%
Canola Oil 0.080%
Gellen Gum 0.040%
Heat to pasteurize and homogenize


OatMilk Beverage – Original
8 oz serving
Water 240.00
AvenOlait® 20.00
Cane Sugar 4.00
Salt 0.10
Natural Vanilla Extract 0.04
Dairy Alternatives Applications with Plant Proteins