Product Description

Due to the increasing demand for nutritionally beneficial allergen-friendly, great tasting and environmentally friendly organic plant sugar sources which contribute to a clean label, Cocosa™ coconut palm sugar has been created as an ideal ingredient for most any food or beverage application.

Cocosa coconut palm sugar is known to absorb in the body slowly thereby maintaining normal levels of blood glucose/sugar, unlike other sugars. Coconut palm sugar scores a mere 35–40 out of 100 on the glycemic index scale and also provides vital nutrients and minerals which can promote healthy body function and can help prevent illness. It contains significantly more potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, nitrogen and sodium than brown or white sugar, according to the Philippine Food and Nutrition Research Institute.

Made from sustainable, organic coconut tree flower nectar, the juice condenses into a delicious, handmade, whole brown sugar. Cocosa is better tasting than white and brown sugar and is unrefined, thus more beneficial and chemical-free. Featuring a deep caramel flavor,
it adds a warm color and rich flavor to baking and replaces white sugar in a 1:1 ratio.

Advantages of Cocosa

• Lower glycemic level than white or brown sugar
• More sustainable and better tasting than white or brown sugar
• More nutritious than white and brown sugar, due to potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phophorous, nitrogen and sodium
• The nutrients are known to help:
–prevent cardiovascular disease
–increase brain and kidney function
–aid blood health
–aid the nervous system
–aid the immune system


• Baked goods
• Beverages
• Breakfast foods
• Confectionery
• Dietetic products—a naturally nutritious, low-glycemic solution
• Nutrition bars
• Product substitution for less nutritious white and brown sugars
• Sports nutrition


Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
• Organic (QAI, NOP)
• Kosher (Star K)
• Produced in a GFSI Certified facility

Quality certifications and analysis, and spec sheets are available upon request at: