Axiom Foods, the world’s first, largest and most innovative source for plant proteins, has enlisted Univar Solutions (NYSE: UNVR) (“Univar”), a global chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services, to be its official ingredient distributor in the United States.

As part of this agreement, Axiom will benefit from Univar Solutions’ large reach, within the plant protein market, and technical expertise. The agreement with Univar Solutions marks a milestone in externally sourcing its plant protein distribution, as previously Axiom was handling it internally. Axiom’s current plant-based product portfolio includes proteins (rice, pea, etc.); rice and oat dairy alternatives, rice sugar, and pea starch, which are used in nutritional beverages and bars, snacks, and meat analogues or extenders.

As more consumers are choosing to live healthier lifestyles and becoming aware of their wellness, Axiom Foods is positioning themselves to become more accessible throughout the supply chain network. With Univar Solutions’ vast distribution network, extensive technical expertise and food ingredient leadership, Axiom Foods now has the opportunity to not only reach a larger audience but to also educate on the benefits of plant protein in the product mix. Backed by science, certifications and clinical trials, Axiom’s products are committed to consistent results for its partners.

“Axiom’s ability to innovate and deliver neutral, soluble, and allergen-free solutions that consumers demand will ensure our mutual success as we’re in the business to provide them what they want,” said Austin Nichols, Univar Solutions’ director of food ingredients. “Working with Axiom Foods gives us the opportunity to foster deeper, strategic expansions in partnership with the leading innovator of rice and pea protein.”

Axiom Foods’ David Janow could not be happier with the agreement. “Our unique functional options, patents, clinical studies, commercial quantities and strict quality standards differentiate ourselves from other competitors within the plant-based protein market. Working with Univar Solutions will ensure that our products can be accessible to a larger customer base of food and beverage manufacturers who are looking for the ‘Intel Inside’ of plant proteins and ask for Oryzatein® rice protein and VegoteinTM pea protein by name. Sustainable options are a must and we have both a winning method and a winning team!”

From a brand perspective, Axiom’s ability to innovate and provide niche vegan and allergen-friendly products will support both Univar Solutions’ and Axiom’s customer base. Univar Solutions’ food experts understand the needs of vegan-friendly consumers and are working to help fill this consumer demand.

About Axiom Foods
On the cutting edge of technology, Axiom Foods is involved in clinical trials, education and affecting change in the global food supply. Founded in 2005 by David Janow, Axiom brings compassion and sustainability to the food business by showing that animals are no longer necessary to build muscle. Being at the forefront of peas and rice becoming the new meat, as CNBC can attest, Axiom Foods is dedicated to maximizing the potential of brown rice as the ultimate food product ingredient. Starting with their flagship, patented Oryzatein®, the first and only brown rice protein of its kind, Axiom continues to expand the possibilities of sustainable, worldwide nutrition. Axiom meets international standards, whether consumers want gluten- free, vegan, kosher or non-GMO foods. For more information, please visit their website at www.axiomfoods.com.

About Univar Solutions
Univar Solutions (NYSE: UNVR) is a leading global chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value added services to customers across a wide range of industries. With the industry’s largest private transportation fleet and North American sales force, a vast supplier network, deep market and regulatory knowledge, world-class formulation and recipe development, unparalleled logistics know-how, and industry-leading digital tools, Univar Solutions is a committed ally to customers and suppliers, helping them anticipate, navigate, and leverage meaningful growth opportunities. Learn more at www.univarsolutions.com.