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New Study Shows Oryzatein® Rice Protein Absorbs Better Over Time Than Animal-based Whey

Clinical Trials Shatter Beliefs about Animal-Only Protein for Bodybuilders

(Los Angeles, CA October 3, 2014) – A 2014 third-party, double-blind, crossover study at the University of Tampa, has shown that Oryzatein® brown rice protein absorbs slower into the bloodstream over time than whey, providing bodybuilders and other athletes with a plant-based alternative to animal-based whey protein to enhance their endurance. The study also found the amino acid leucine (which is known to activate muscle building) in Oryzatein® was absorbed better than leucine from whey protein, which means that it takes less leucine in rice protein than whey to activate the same muscle development. The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health

The study comes on the heels of a 2013 clinical trial that showed rice protein paralleled whey protein in its ability to build and maintain muscle for the first time. Both studies are shattering long held beliefs that animal-only proteins are needed for superior athletic performance as it relates to muscle gain and endurance. The brown rice protein used in both studies is the patented and GRAS-approved Oryzateinm® made by Axiom Foods. Oryzatein® is a widely used ingredient in thousands of food products from nutrition bars, to protein powders, non-dairy substitutes and cereals.

“The benefits of this study show a prolonged delivery of amino acids to the blood and muscles,” said CEO of Axiom Foods, David Janow. “This means that rice protein can aid in athletic endurance in a way that was formerly thought only possible with animal proteins, despite leucine levels being slightly lower in rice protein.”

Since 2005 Axiom Foods is the global innovator, manufacturer and distributor of plant protein ingredients,which are used in food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic products from nutrition bars to pasta andnon-dairy yogurts to facial cleansers. The world leader in fractioning allergen-friendly rice, pea, oat, each ainchi amongst other plants, Axiom works in tandem with government certifying bodies throughout the world and other manufacturers to set ethical standards and educate about the power of plant protein in the worldwide food supply. Axiom’s signature Oryzatein® is the only patented, GRAS-approved whole grain brown rice protein of its kind and other Axiom products include sweeteners, dairy-free milk substitutes, flavor enhancers, extrusions, and meat analogue.


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